There are several ways you can buy services economically from the private service providers.

Care support for pensioners

The aim of the -is to help the everyday life, functional ability, rehabilitation and treatment of the pensioners that have chronic illness or disabilities. You may have a right to have care support for pensioners if you are retired, you have a disease or disability recorded by a doctor, your functional ability has reduced at least for 1 year and you need help and guidance because of disability or sickness.

Care support for pensioners is divided in 3 categories: basic care support, increased care support and highest care support. The category you belong to depends on the amount of help, guidance and monitoring you need.

1. Basic care support is 71,48 e/kk.

For a person that needs help, guidance or monitoring at least weekly in daily activities, such as dressing and hygiene.

2. Increased care support is 155,72 e/kk.

For a person that

  • Needs time-consuming help in daily activities, such as eating, dressing, hygiene, social interaction every day or
  • Plenty of guidance and monitoring, such as reminding, asking and looking after

Increased care support can also be given to a customer that has a disability or disease that gives access to basic care support, and there are continuous additional costs every month at least as much as the price of the increased care support.

3. Highest care support is 329,27 e/kk.

For a person that

  • Needs care and monitoring 24 hours a day
  • Can handle being alone only for short times.

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Service Voucher

The purpose of the service voucher is to improve the possibilities of the social and health care customers to choose the needed services from private service providers. You can pay the kinds of services that the municipalities have to organize to their customers. Home care services can be covered with the service voucher as well. You may receive a service voucher from your home municipality’s health center, social institution or other local service point. You can use service voucher for cleaning, home care and carers’ support services, for example.

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Tax credit for household expenses

The tax credit for household expenses reduces the amount of tax you have to pay. You can claim the credit if you pay for work to be done in your home, such as cleaning, child care, renovation, or computer installation. You can also claim the credit for work done at a holiday home that you own. Credit is only granted for the part of the total expense that was paid for work. You can claim credit for 40% of the amount that you have paid a company for their work. You will receive the maximum amount of credit if the amount paid for the work specified in the company’s invoice is at least 5,875€ per year. The maximum credit for household expenses that you can claim is 2,250 € per person. The credit threshold per person is 100€, which you have to pay yourself.

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